The Universe is in Harmony Again

Anquan Boldin is everything that I love about football.  He's tough, a competitor, and plays even when injured.  He's not the fastest receiver on the field nor is he as gifted as his co-worker Larry Fitzgerald.  But what he lacks in raw football skill he makes up with his heart. After literally getting his face broken at the end of the Jets game, he was back on the field a few weeks later and as productive as ever. When Stephanie and I took the kids up to Cardinals training camp for autograph day, the first player we sought out was Q.  Stephanie even told him that he was the very reason she loves watching the Cardinals play.

Drew Rosenhaus, on the other hand, is everything I hate about football.  He is Boldin's (and a lot of other players') agent.  He is obnoxious, provocative, and a fomenter of discord.  One of his most famous tactics is to send text messages and e mails to NFL GMs (and reporters covering those teams) informing them of the fact that some of his clients are available for trade - except the clients in question were not available for trade.  Rather, they were wanting new contracts, and the Drew Rosenhaus method of getting them more money involves trying to make the GM's life miserable to the point that a trade is the easiest way out of town.  This sours the relationship that the team has with the players, but also (and way more importantly) the relationship the player has with the fans.  We fans want our teams to keep our good players and then add more to the team, making it better.  We do not want our favorites acting like spoiled children, complaining to the press that $5 million a year is an insult.

So, we Q-philes have been suffering a love/hate relationship with our favorite player.  On the one hand he is the Cardinals.  On the other hand, he employs as his agent someone who is willing to poison the well and break up our team.  We've had to deal with this cognitive dissonance for years, and it has made us question our love for Q.

No longer.  Today, we get news that Boldin is dumping Rosenhaus.  ESPN is reporting that Q has informed RosenSatan that he is getting kicked to the curb.  All is right in the football universe.


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