U2: The Best Rock Bad Ever?


It is at crisis points such as this (football season is still months away while my beloved basball team dwells in the cellar with no hope in sight) that I am left to ponder the great Questions of Our Times.  Ninja vs Pirate, Samurai vs Ninja, Aquaman vs. Borat, etc. are all worthy of reflection.  But the one that I keep coming back to is "Who is the best rock band ever?"

Some of the obvious bands to consider inlcude the Beatles and Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the Who - worthy candidates all.  But all are flawed, in one way or another.  The Beatles went through a drugged-out phase in which they produced such drivel as Revolution #9, I'm Fixing a Hole, and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.  Plus, they had Ringo Starr.  

The Stones?  They lost their touch about 25 years ago, yet still keep on putting out (mediocre) albums.  Tattoo You was the beginning of the end, and it's all been weak since then.  So, count Mick and the other zombies out.  The Who and Led Zeppelin started with a bang, had solid periods, then faded toward the end.

Consider U2.  They have been making records since the early 1980's - nearly 30 years.  Each new album is something solid in its own right, and fans do not purchase (or download) the new stuff out of a sense of duty, or hoping against hope that the band has finally returned to its roots.

Now, U2 is not my favorite band.  Van Halen, by far, holds that distinction.  (If you wonder why I don't consider VH to be the best rock band ever, just say the words "Sammy Hagar" over and over until you figure it out.)  U2 is maybe in my top 5 or 6.  But, I have to give them them their due and nominate them as the Best Rock Band Ever.


My vote is for U2!

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