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Another Halloween has come and gone.  My favorite times were when all three kids were old enough to scrounge for free candy but too young to count or remember how much was in their bags when they went to bed.  They never complained about the "Candy Tax" I imposed, either.  Sadly, my youngest is the only one who really trick-or-treats anymore, and she is too good at math to allow her daddy to help himself to Kit Kats and Reece's peanut butter cups.

Some expressions that have outlived their charm and need to be sent the way of "talk to the hand" and "gag me with a spoon": "Really?!"  as in "Really?! You're still on the couch?", "Don't be that guy", "Fail!," (don't forget it's little brother "Epic Fail!") and "Much?"  as in "Grouchy much?"

A lot of my fellow conservatives are up in arms over plans by several different levels of government to require nutrition information on fast food menus.  They think that it is the Nanny State poking its nose into places it doesn't belong.  I am of the opposite mind, believing that one of the very few useful functions of government is to assist consumers in having all the information they need to make an informed decision.

The older I get, the less tolerance I have for drama.  Save the drama for your mama.

I am very glad that bike helmets for kids have become more fashionable and "normal."  When I was a wee lad, you'd get beat up by the local neighborhood knuckleheads for wearing a helmet or pads while riding, so I never did.  But after wiping out on my bike at high speed and bouncing on my helmet-adorned melon, I fully appreciate the protection they offer.

Friends come and go.  Enemies accumulate.  What's up with that?

Why do we take so seriously the political opinions of any Hollywood actor or rock star?  I remember when Meryl Streep testified before Congress on the dangers of Alar.  I kept waiting for the caption under her picture to read "Meryl Streep - Chemical Engineer" but it never did.  She makes her living pretending to be other people and speaking things that other people have written for her.  Most of these politically-active entertainers did not waste their youth studying in the career fields of which they proclaim their expertise.  They simply parrot what some activist group has told them and written for them.  At least Alice Cooper got it right when he said that anybody who gets his political views by listening to an actor or a rock star is a moron.


"...anybody who gets hi political views from an actor..." Really? Are you over Ronald Reagan much?

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