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Whoever first said "There's no such thing as a stupid question" was out of his mind.  I have heard  countless stupid questions in my life.  Saying something stupid and then putting a question mark after it does not immunize it from being stupid.  It's like putting salt on spoiled eggs.

Tiger Woods filed for a restraining order to prevent publication of nude photos of him in a UK paper.  Photos he claimed did not exist. But he sued to stop them from being published.

When I was about seven years old, I asked my mother if I could have some cake for dinner.  She (obviously) said "That's a stupid question! NO!"  In anger, I shouted at her "When I'm a grown up, I am going to have cake for dinner whenever I want!  And candy, too!" When I grew up, I made good on my threat and have cake for dinner whenever I want and I am quite happy.

The other day, the "Alanis Morisette filter" failed on my radio and the song "Ironic" came on. I noticed that none of the situations she sang about were ironic. Rain on your wedding day?  Not ironic.  A free ride when you've already paid?  Nope.  Some good advice that you just didn't take?  Sorry, not ironic.  A song called "Ironic" that doesn't have anything ironic in it.  Now, that's...ironic.

You only have to play the "Open your mouth and close your eyes, and you will get a big surprise" game one time to figure out you never want to play it again.

Most people who say "I am so sick of al the drama" are usually the source and cause of all the drama.

The media must have had a really hard time covering the arrest of James O'Keefe for trying to mess with the Senate phone system.  The only reason it would be newsworthy is the fact that his hidden camera films exposed ACORN doing bad, bad things.  But since the media largely ignored that story, it is having a tough time explaining who he is and why his arrest is significant without also addressing the question of why it ignored the ACORN story.

After watching "Kitchen Nightmares" I am convinced that I never, ever want to own a restaurant.

Many bands write "I am soooo sick of this life on the road songs" - Journey with "Faithfully", Bob Seger with "Turn the Page," etc.  But Daughtry recorded one of those songs on their first freaking album!  As in, before it released and before they actually went out on tour.  Hello!!!!  Spend some time actually out on the road before you complain about being so weary from being out on the road.

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