Happy Father's Day, Mom

Good dads don't need to be wished a happy Father's Day.  A good dad takes pride in knowing that he is providing for and protecting his family and every Sunday is just as special and important as this one.  While he appreciates the sentiment and gratitude, he doesn't require that you offer it.  He just wants you to leave him alone and let him watch the ballgame so he can recharge his batteries and prepare himself to conquer the world next week.

We should replace Father's Day with Mother-Father Day - a day to recognize and thank those women who have to fill the role of both mother and father because dad is not around.  My own mother was like this when I was growing up.  In fact, my own father was in and out of my early childhood life so sporadically that I didn't even notice when my parents divorced.  Seriously.

So much of what is wrong in this world today directly results from men acting like men and not like fathers.  Too many men have the title of "father" when they do not deserve it.  They fail to understand the tremendous responsibility that is laid upon your shoulders when you choose - intentionally or otherwise - to bring a child into this world.  When you do not step up and take care of your responsibility, you cause irreparable harm to your child, to his mother, and to society.

Families need Dad to be there and to care.  A mother needs to have someone who will treat her with love and respect, and to know that she has a partner she can completely rely on.  Daughters need to be loved and have their fathers' guidance and approval, and boys need a role model to imitate so they can learn how to become a good man and father when they grow up.  This world would be infinitely better off for centuries to come if we just had one single generation of men who all did what they were supposed to do and acted like good fathers and husbands, providing for their families and not shirking their responsibilities.

So, to all the Mother-Fathers - especially my mother - , I say "Happy Father's Day."  And to all the good dads, I say "Enjoy the ballgame. And thank you."

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