Whoopi Goldberg Is An Idiot-Idiot

After 30 years, Johnny Law finally caught up with Roman Polanski, and the acclaimed director was arrested in Switzerland to face extradition to the US.  Once he returns, he'll have to answer charges that he fled  the country following his admitting to having sex with a thirteen year old girl.    The details of the incident are quite shocking.  According to the victim's grand jury testimony, Polanksi got the girl drunk on champaign, sedated with quaaludes, and then raped her while she resisted him.  And worse.


Ordinary Americans think that a dirty old man who drugs and sodomizes a little girl should be locked up in prison and left to die there.  The people who breathe the rarified air of Tinseltown feel otherwise.  A group of Hollywood knuckleheads has signed a petition calling for Polanski's immediate release.  They find it unacceptble that one of their icons should be arrested while en route to a film festival paying homage to him.  After all, it's a "decades old" charge and he is, well, famous.  He even won an Academy Award.  He is an elite, and as such, should not be made to answer for his actions.

The list of notables making excuses for Roman includes Woody Allen and Whoopi Goldberg. Allen has his own issues with photographs, young women, and inappropriate relations and really should be ashamed of himself for even speaking on this matter.  And Goldberg doesn't even think Polanski did anything wrong.  During a discussion on "The View", she said "I know it wasn't rape-rape" but wouldn't explain what exactly what it was.  Hmmmm.   I think there is a word used to describe drugging a young girl, having your way with her against her will and then and sodomizing her?  That's a real puzzle for sure.  What is that word?

If the facts of the case were being discussed without the names being known, I have no doubt that many of these Hollywood pinheads would support a long prison sentence for this child predator.  It is, after all, a shocking act that Polanski has admitted to.  But because his movies have been called "masterpieces" by people like Debra Winger, a sex offender fugitive is receiving lots of love from people in the movie business.

I would like to ask Goldberg and the other mixed nuts she hangs with the following: if George W. Bush had admitted to drugging prisoners at Gitmo, raping, and sodomizing them, would they sign a petition to have him immediately released?  Methinks that they would not.

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