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Today I am still a little hoarse from all  the shouting I did at this weekend's Packers/Cardinals playoff game.  People wonder why I get so worked up over my team, why I attend games, why I cheer, why I stress over them when, after all, I am merely a spectator and have no say in the final outcome.  To them I put my index finger in their face, pointed upwards, and shout "Scoreboard!!!  Oh, wait.  That's what I say to Packers fans. What I say to those other people is that I have more influence over what happens at the Cards game than I do over what my representatives in Washington do on my behalf, yet people get even more worked up over politics than I do over football.  Plus, they don't make a Madden version of the health care reform debate.

Training a dog to be a cadaver-sniffing hound must be the worst job in the world.

My favorite days of the year are the 2 days before a race (triathlon or marathon) because I carbo load like crazy.  Actually, I always eat like that, but on the days before a race I don't feel guilty about it.

The other day I was at a restaurant and I noticed in the men's restroom there was a sign that said "Employees must wash hands before returning to work."  The only problem was that the sign was over the sink, where, presumably, you'd see it only if you were already washing your hands.  The sign should be over every toilet, the exit, and on every wall.  I once took my kids to a birthday party at a pizza/play type restaurant and was in the restroom when I saw an employee use the facilities and return to work without washing his hands.  i did not allow my kids to finish their pizza.

The city of Berkeley is considering scaling back advanced science classes because the classes, in the words of the school board, benefit too many white kids.  I am not sure what the actual definition of the word "asinine: is, but I am pretty sure that eliminating a successful program that sees kids (both white and minority) learn advanced-level science fits the bill.  If true "equality" is what these people are after, they should try to bring up the bottom rather than tear down the top.  Nobody wins when everyone is equal and miserable.

My buddy Brad is the worst Call of Duty:Modern Warfare wingman ever.  Of all time.  I say that because: 1) It's true, and 2) He doesn't read my blog so he'll never know I said it.  He's also a sore loser, so he'd probably pop me in the mouth for writing this.

I wish they wouldn't sing the national anthem before sporting events.  I don't want to be reminded that there is a higher thing that we fans all share, and that San Francisco 49er and Green Bay Packer fans love this country just as much as I do.  It's really, really distracting.

We need to strike the phrase "public servant" from our language.  A person who makes a career out of working for the government as an elected or appointed official is not a servant, he is a leech.  The longer they are in public office, the less like the public they become, but the more power they gain as they rise through the ranks.  It makes no sense.  I used to know how to solve differential equations, but I haven't had to use calculus in over twenty years.  How much sense would it make for me to be the one in charge of telling those who actually can solve differential equations how to do it?  About as much sense as it would to have a guy who has never run a business, balanced a budget, or worked for a living make laws telling us how to do those things.

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